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Floor Plans

Floor Plans - New Homes from Santana Homes

Everyone knows home is where the heart is. But how do you build a home that’s worthy of your heart, your family, and your friends? It all starts with the floorplan! Floorplans are the guides that lead to the perfect home. Santana Homes offers many floorplans to suit the needs of any family, no matter the size. Santana Homes is devoted to building the most beautiful, high-quality homes. Our floorplans are vast and varied so no matter what you need, we have options for you!

Floor Plans to Best Suit Every Family’s Needs

We specifically design our floor plans for functionality and convenience. For example, we always make sure a half bath is available for guests in a convenient location within the home, and we design our plans to be open with plenty of natural light and functional space.

3D Technology to Plan Your Dream Home

Home floor plans are the first step toward building an incredible home. We understand floor plans may be hard to visualize, given that they are on a two-dimensional medium. At Santana Homes, we want our clients to have as much of a grasp on what their future home will look like as possible. To achieve this, we implement gorgeous 3D technology so you can literally visualize what the end result will be.

Beautiful Floor Plans for New Homes in El Paso

Finding a high-quality home built with you in mind is possible. And, best of all, it'll be affordable! Santana Homes specializes in using space as ergonomically as possible. For instance, our floor plan layouts include privacy. Our homes have foyers that offer moments of respite prior to entering important rooms such as the living room, dining room or kitchen. Another example is guest bathrooms. Instead of placing them in a hidden corner of the home, our floorplans include conveniently placed guests restrooms so your guests won't have to walk around your bedroom area. When you choose Santana Homes, everything is planned out perfectly!

These plans offer beauty and quality all in a comfortable, single floor design. Our 1-story floor plans are as precious and timeless as the materials and jewels they're named after. These homes are meticulously designed to flow as comfortably as possible. We seamlessly combine modern design with natural, classic southwestern style. At Santana Homes, we love the traditional beauty of Mexican and Southwestern homes. We take use this as our inspiration when designing our home floor plans. Contact Santana Homes today to learn more.